In it, it was given the chronical survey of working within the period from 1955 to 2005.

Founded under the name Niža Muzička Škola (Lower Music School), in the piano and violin departments, in that first year 85 pupils were enrolled. During its activity, the number of pupils was increased and also the number of new instruments in the departments: the accordion and the guitar.

Since 1959 it bears a name Škola za osnovno muzičko obrazovanje (School for Elementary Music Education) and in 1994 it widened its activity to the degree of secondary education when its name is changed into Srednja i osnovna muzička škola Prijedor (Secondary and Elementary Music School Prijedor). In 2009. Music school changed its name in to Music school Savo Balaban Prijedor.

Today, 360 pupils attend the school of the age from 6 to 20 years in the departments of piano, guitar, accordion, violin, flute, clarinet, singing, saxophone and the department for music collaborators – theoreticians.

School is leading institution of musical events of the Municipality, where, by its program, it is the regular accompanist of the fine arts exibitions, literary evenings and other appropriate manifestations. It organizes the concerts for parents and citizens. It regulary takes part in the competitions of pupils of Music Schools.

This cultural – educating institution lives and works in the modest material and space conditions. 40 employees are employed in it.

In the attempt of realization of better conditions for working, the School had done the project for reconstruction of the main building, and the construction of the concert hall, but still, we have not found the financier so that we could realize the cited.

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Prof. Nada Balaban